Will this spell the wholesale sexy swimwear end of ‘quad boob’?

Lingerie brand creates first bra that EXPANDS to stop fluctuating breasts spilling out during women's monthly cycle. Most women will be familiar with the extra volume that befalls their bust at a certain point in their monthly cycle.

Caused by a change in hormone levels, it can make breasts swell up to two cups bigger than their usual size and cause discomfort, in some case leading to the dreaded 'quad boob' - where breasts spill out of their too-small bra.

But one lingerie brand claims to have solved the problem once and for all with a specially wholesale fashion dressesdesigned bra that accommodates the temporary 'growth spurt' which for many women falls in the third week of their cycle - just before their period.

Dubbed the 'period bra', it is made from stretch galloon lace, specially designed to adapt to its wearer's body shape - and its makers, Ellace, believe it could spell the end of 'quad boob' for good.

Curvy Kate enlisted the help of model Hannah to try out the Ellace - which claims to mould to women's changing breast size throughout their cycle. The pictures show a noticeable change from days 1-6 (during her period) and days 19-21 (when her breasts were at their biggest)

They enlisted the help of Hannah to take a picture of herself wearing the bra every day for a month to see if it worked, and detailed their findings in a .

By comparing images from the start of Hannah’s cycle (day one) and one from further in the cycle (day 21), there is a clear size difference, especially in the fullness at the top of her breasts.